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Mardel Monday: Sturdy Birdy

28 Jan

Hello everyone! So my boss gave me the challenge to put together “fine motor kits.” Primarily gathering items from Mardel and Walmart if needed. This all started because over time I have gathered up quite a collection of therapy toys from Mardel. I’m telling you, they should use me for marketing to therapists!!! Not just teachers!!! Anyways, I suckered a co-worker of mine into attacking this with me. (Don’t worry, I made sure our boss knew she helped out. ;)) We spent 4…yes 4 hours in Mardel…gathering items, spreading them out of the floor, and making tough decisions to put some things back. 😦 Now that I know ever item Mardel has to offer, I’ve decided to start a Mardel Monday to show an item that can be purchased from Mardel for therapy uses, and to gather more ideas from my wonderful readers!

First item: Sturdy Birdy



This is a game for my wonderful PT friends out there as well! The object of the game is to be the first to make it through all 12 poses. You must roll the dice to see how long you must hold the pose. In addition to holding the pose, you must balance the seed bag on your body! What a cute little game! Made by Fat Brain Toy Co. And under $20, this game is sure to create some fun!

Have you ever played this game before?

If you’re wondering how much stuff we ended up purchasing.. Check it out…




Fine motor kits in the making! Be sure to stop back by in a few days for a list of the items featured in the kits!

Have a great Monday!

Toy Tuesday: Rolling Monkey

15 Jan

Love these toys! So fun to play with, especially on a swing! Thanks again, Mardel!



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Block construction with a grabber

13 Jan

Hey hey! If you’re looking for another way to use a grabber, strengthen hands, facilitate bilateral coordination, promote control and stability, you may have found an activity that’s just what you need! I use this with my kids who are just old enough to use a good challenge. You can line the blocks up on a balance beam, steps, etc. and create a more challenging component for balance and core. You can also create various patterns and have the child imitate them or design one himself to encourage initiation and creativity.

What other ways have you used a grabber or blocks?

Have fun!




Fine Motor Friday: Playing with Sponges

11 Jan

For this Fine Motor Friday, I’d like to share a fun way to play with sponges and shaving cream. Why not use them together?! If the child is still a little resistant to touching the shaving cream then have them use a small sponge to trace, write and draw. Also great for working on tip-tip pinch! Use the sponges to trace various shapes, build structures, stamp, etc. So fun, and easy clean up! Allow the child to squeeze the sponges when washing them out for some extra strengthening. 😃 Have fun!








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Toy Tuesday: Frog Tongs

8 Jan

Aren’t these awesome?! Mardel always has wonderful therapy tools, but these win the award for this week! Even under $5!





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Prescribed Medicine of Movement

7 Jan

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if our pediatricians started prescribing Movement as much as they prescribed medication? Dr. Bill Sears just published an article in the Sam’s Club Healthy Living magazine for Jan/Feb. 2013. He discusses a recent research article comparing a two groups of boys diagnosed with ADD, the “sitters” and the “movers”. The “movers” were prescribed 20 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. The study showed remarkable improvement in their ADD, especially in their ability to sit still and focus. In 2010, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed 50 scientific studies on the benefits of exercise. In general, the more school-aged children exercised, the better their school performance and overall health.

Also in the article, Dr. Sears provides a list of tips and tricks to get children to move. These include taking family walks, encourage movement while watching tv, take the stairs, get them involved in sports, and practice anytime, anywhere exercises.

This is awesome information, but very difficult to implement unless we as adults commit to a healthy lifestyle full of movement as well. Every little bit counts and every little positive change is one step closer than you were before. We can do it! And if we can learn to move more, we can encourage our children to as well!

Children moving
(Image courtesy of Google)

Read the full article here:

Visit and http://www.drsearswellnessinstitute for more great information from Dr. Sears.

Happy moving!

Promoting OT!

6 Jan

Hello! I have to brag a minute. A patient I see was featured in his local newspaper. It was a great article and I wish I could post the whole thing! It really advocated for OT, PT, and treatment in the schools. He described what his OT does with him (that’s me!), and stated his favorite therapy is when he gets to move his hand! He is a great young man and a joy to work with! Great stuff!




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