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Toy Tuesday: Player’s Choice

1 Jan

Hi there! I was going through the mail and stumbled across an edition of the Advance For OT Practitioners magazine. The featured article on the front caught my eye and was titled, “Players choice: Picking Toys to Help Children Learn and Grow.” The article did a great job discussing the views of a pediatric PT, parent, and representative from Toys R Us when it comes to picking out toys for kids. Some things were similar but some things were very different and kind of surprised me! I don’t tend to look for where and what toys are made of but it was important to the parent. It will be interesting if that changes for me once I have my own kids!

My favorite part of the article was the link given by the TRU rep: abled
Toys R Us has a link with different resources for differently abled kids including safe play tips, ten tips for buying toys, and a list of toys identified by 10 different categories to build various skills. These categories include: auditory, language, visual, tactile, gross motor, fine motor, social skills, self esteem, creativity, and thinking. I also really enjoyed reading the top ten tips for buying toys:
1. Multi-sensory appeal
2. Method of Activation
3. Environments the toy will be used
4. Opportunities for success
5. Current popularity
6. Self-expression
7. Adjustability
8. Child’s individual abilities
9. Safety and durability
10. Potential for interaction
Check out the website for more details. Also check out the website for a great list of safe play tips.

For over 20 years, Toys R Us has released this publication for parents. It’s awesome! Hope you enjoy!

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Toy Tuesday: Gum Ball Machine

11 Dec

Hi there! Jeez it’s almost half way through December and I’ve yet to make a post! I can’t believe there are only 14 days until Christmas!! Crazy! My husband and I have been crazy busy these past few weeks. My brother in law got married to the love of his life, we decorated inside and out for Christmas, and have almost finished shopping for gifts! Still working on wrapping up everything… This week is also secret Santa week at work. For 4 days, small little gifts show up on everyone’s desk, all from their secret Santa, then Thursday night we will have a Christmas party at one of our co-workers house and reveal the secret Santa!! Such holiday fun!

This weeks Toy Tuesday is in honor of a coworker and her talent for finding great toys at the Dollar Tree…an inexpensive gum-ball machine. The kids have had such fun with this. It’s great for finger strengthening to use aerosol cans (spray deodorant, etc.) and spray bottles, as well as intrinsic palmar strengthening and bilateral coordination. Also works on grading movement and simple problem solving. Word of warning if you ever end up in a Dollar Tree with a pediatric OT… 😉

Have a great week! Be blessed and be thankful for our Lord and Savior!




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Toy Tuesday: Basketball!

28 Nov

Better late then never! I was too busy attending the winter parade tonight! Such fun!

For this Toy Tuesday post I am going to feature a toy my sweet second cousins played with over Thanksgiving…a toy basketball hoop! This was such a hit! It’s great for eye hand coordination, pressure grading, trial and error, taking turns, and the low tech part is definitely my favorite characteristic! Sometimes it’s fun to go simple. 🙂 Enjoy!





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Toy Tuesday: Scaterpillar Scramble

20 Nov

For this week’s Toy Tuesday, I am reblogging a fabulous game and idea from my friend at Starfish Therapy. Absolutely love this game, thanks for letting me share it! Need to purchase. ASAP. Enjoy!

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Starfish Therapies


I just discovered a new game, thanks to one of our OT’s.  It’s Scaterpillar Scramble by Hasbro.  Of course looking at it with a PT mindset, I love it because it has lots of marbles that a kiddo can try to use which means lots of repetitions of any activity I want them to do because of course after each repetition they get to put a marble on the caterpillars hand!  The OT side of our office love it for different reasons.

They love that the tweezers/tongs let kids work on the mechanics of a tripod grasp. It is a pretty light tweezer/tong so if you are looking to work on strengthening you may need to pick up a separate one elsewhere.  It also requires precision and fine motor control.  When kids are working on control its amazing how many of them (and adults too) have increased shakiness in…

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Toy Tuesday: Y-Volution YFliker

13 Nov

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! 🙂 For this week, I decided to google “Top toys for 2012” in an attempt to see what toys are going to be popular for Christmas. Out of this list, my goal was to find at least 1 toy that could be used therapeutically (other than some form of an electronic tablet!) I stumbled across Toys-R-Us (too bad I can’t reverse the “R” 😉 Fabulous 15 2012 Holiday Hot Toy List with the 15 Hottest Toys for Christmas. I was shocked at some of the toys on the list, and not at all surprised by others.

Shocking: Furby…seriously?!?!?!?! A Furby??!?!?! Those things were popular when I was little! Well I guess they’re back, and better than ever. Here is the description of what the Furby does these days: “Talk to it, tickle it, play music for it, even feed it! But keep in mind – your Furby will develop its own personality based on how you treat it. Because Furby speaks both English and Furbish, a FREE downloadable App is available that will help you translate Furbish! This App is optional and works with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later.” Furby now has his own App! Furby is ready for the 21st century. Let’s see how popular they become…

The other items did not surprise me at all: various dolls, Jake and the Neverlands Pirate toy, girly Designer Studio, LeapPad, remote control car, LEGO: Ninjago, Skylanders, Wii U, and a Tabeo tablet.

So which toy to feature?? The Y-Volution YFliker FI Scooter won the prize! It’s kind of like a roller racer, but standing not sitting. It’s awesome. I totally want to try one myself.

Click here to watch a video advertisement:

The YFliker Scooter is a self-propelling ‘lean to steer’ scooter that improves weight shifting, trunk disassociation, bilateral coordination, balance, motor planning, strength, and offers vestibular input. It would be appropriate for many ages! It’s slightly pricey at $79, but it gets kids up, outside, moving, interacting with peers or family members! I love that this is on the top toys of 2012 list. Don’t get me wrong, every toy on this list has a time and a place, but I just can’t pass by the one toy that requires movement!

What toy would you feature, and why?

Comes in pink too!

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Toy Tuesday: Travel Tangoes Fun!

6 Nov

For this weeks Toy Tuesday, I’m loving Travel Tangoes! It’s small, compact, magnetic (which keeps the pieces all together and attached to the board), and GREAT for visual perceptual/visual motor skills. The beauty of the compact size is it can be taken anywhere! Just throw it in a bag for a car trip, to schools, to homes, and even in the hospitals. The magnet feature is awesome. Brilliant, actually. The pieces don’t slide around while trying to build the picture. It also allows the game to be completed on a swing or on a vertical surface. I’ve come up with my own designs for a variety of simpler pictures in order to use it with my younger kids. There are a variety of pictures included, 24 to be exact. One side of the card has the outlines of the pieces and the other side is solid. Great for grading the task! The other Tangoes included in the travel size is Tangoes Animals. Next purchase?! Only $10.95!



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Toy Tuesday: Spot It!

17 Oct

Hi again! It’s time for another Toy Tuesday! This week I’m sharing the game Spot it!. It’s a great little game to improve visual search skills, along with a variety of socialization skills.

Spot it! is a card game consisting of 55 cards, each decorated with 8 symbols (more than 50 different symbols in all). One—and only one—matching symbol exists between
any two cards. Out of the five mini-games you can play with these cards, the goal is always to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol between two cards and call it out. The matching symbol will be the same shape and color; only the size may be different.




Spot it! can be played with multiple players, in a variety of locations, (on a swing, outside, etc.) and is easy to throw in a bag to carry! There’s even an App!

Check it out!

Link to the game Web site:

Link to the App:!/id441552267?mt=8

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