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Pediatric desk fun

22 Aug

Right now at hobby lobby, there are huge wall buttons! They are meant for hanging on the wall of a kids room/play room, but being a pediatric OT, I had to have one. Oh, but what to do with a 6 inch button? Make a name plate for a desk! I just love how it turned out. 🙂


I’ve made other name plates for desks from wooden letters and scrapbook paper..



Splash Week

17 Aug

This past week at work has been splash week. There was a huge inflatable water slide, a slip n slide, 3 small pools, a giant beach ball sprinkler, water guns, water balloons, and of course chalk, throwing targets, scooter boards, our play ground, picture schedules, buckets to paint with water and shaving cream, various size playground balls, and list goes on and on! It was a blast! These kids really had no idea they were still in therapy! The best part was seeing these kids be KIDS! For some of the kids I see, this might be the only time they will ever go down a water slide, and for others it was a way for their parents to see how much they love the water! My love for pediatrics is over flowing after this week! Here are some pictures of the fun…





Art Work Fun!

7 Aug

A co-worker and I were asked to design some wall art for our Orthotics and Prosthetics department, painted by the kids we treat. After a month of painting during sessions, lots of masking tape, 1-2 colors at a time, glazing and painting the edges, here are the final pieces! Our marketing director ordered a sign to hang in the space for everyone to know who created them!










Featured on the News

7 Aug

I was asked to be interviewed for a story on sensory processing disorder. Although she misquoted my definition of sensory processing, it was still pretty fun to be on tv. I sure was nervous!

Sensory processing involves 8 senses: visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile, olfactory, vestibular, proprioception, and visceral. Those last 3 are very very important!!! The reporter cut those out of my interview, but they can not be cut out during treatment!






Slide Whistle

26 Apr

Not only do these make a great whistle for oral motor strengthening, breath control, and divergence of eyes, a slide whistle is especially great for teaching the concept of modulation. By sliding the wand away from the mouth, the sound moves up in pitch, teaching the concept of having an engine that is running on high. By moving the wand closer to the mouth, the sound moves down in pitch, teaching the concept of an engine running low. I have had many kids respond really well to this concept. Give it a try!


Toy Tuesday: Pig Popper

12 Mar

How cute is this little guy?!?! And he was name one of the best toys for 2012! I’ve seen variations of him, including a bear with an orange ball, bass fish with red/white ball, and dog with yellow ball. I found this one at Hobby Lobby, but have also seen them at Cracker Barrel. In all places I’ve seen him, he’s always been under $10! Great for hand strengthening, eye hand coordination, and more. And so many fun things to use him for! You can put a target on the wall and have the kids try to hit it, use a straw to have the child suck the ball onto the straw and then blow a ball as far as he can (good for breath control, oral skills, and convergence/divergence of eyes, etc), have the child wheelbarrow walk, crab walk, somersault, etc to pick up all of the balls, the ideas go on and on!!

And of course, he needs a name…Peter the pig? Pops the pig? Perky the pig??







Prescribed Medicine of Movement

7 Jan

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if our pediatricians started prescribing Movement as much as they prescribed medication? Dr. Bill Sears just published an article in the Sam’s Club Healthy Living magazine for Jan/Feb. 2013. He discusses a recent research article comparing a two groups of boys diagnosed with ADD, the “sitters” and the “movers”. The “movers” were prescribed 20 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. The study showed remarkable improvement in their ADD, especially in their ability to sit still and focus. In 2010, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed 50 scientific studies on the benefits of exercise. In general, the more school-aged children exercised, the better their school performance and overall health.

Also in the article, Dr. Sears provides a list of tips and tricks to get children to move. These include taking family walks, encourage movement while watching tv, take the stairs, get them involved in sports, and practice anytime, anywhere exercises.

This is awesome information, but very difficult to implement unless we as adults commit to a healthy lifestyle full of movement as well. Every little bit counts and every little positive change is one step closer than you were before. We can do it! And if we can learn to move more, we can encourage our children to as well!

Children moving
(Image courtesy of Google)

Read the full article here:

Visit and http://www.drsearswellnessinstitute for more great information from Dr. Sears.

Happy moving!

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