Splash Week

17 Aug

This past week at work has been splash week. There was a huge inflatable water slide, a slip n slide, 3 small pools, a giant beach ball sprinkler, water guns, water balloons, and of course chalk, throwing targets, scooter boards, our play ground, picture schedules, buckets to paint with water and shaving cream, various size playground balls, and list goes on and on! It was a blast! These kids really had no idea they were still in therapy! The best part was seeing these kids be KIDS! For some of the kids I see, this might be the only time they will ever go down a water slide, and for others it was a way for their parents to see how much they love the water! My love for pediatrics is over flowing after this week! Here are some pictures of the fun…






Art Work Fun!

7 Aug

A co-worker and I were asked to design some wall art for our Orthotics and Prosthetics department, painted by the kids we treat. After a month of painting during sessions, lots of masking tape, 1-2 colors at a time, glazing and painting the edges, here are the final pieces! Our marketing director ordered a sign to hang in the space for everyone to know who created them!










Featured on the News

7 Aug

I was asked to be interviewed for a story on sensory processing disorder. Although she misquoted my definition of sensory processing, it was still pretty fun to be on tv. I sure was nervous!

Sensory processing involves 8 senses: visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile, olfactory, vestibular, proprioception, and visceral. Those last 3 are very very important!!! The reporter cut those out of my interview, but they can not be cut out during treatment!






Fine Motor Friday: Sonic Tot Tongs

19 Jul

Aren’t these the cutest?! Love that Sonic is giving them away as a prize! They are originally supposed to pick up tater tots, however, OTs may use them to pick up puff balls, plastic color bears, cotton balls, or any other small light weight item we could find! 😉 Great for strengthening and coordination, you could have some fun with one too for only 0.99!



Toy Tuesday: Hangman

16 Jul

I’m back! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post… my world has been a little crazy lately! I’m back in action this week, featuring the Melissa and Doug Hangman game! How cute is this?! The letters are pretty resistive, working on finger strength when turning them over. Great game for letter sequencing, spelling and writing simple words, making handwriting fun, and body awareness. Love the size and the ease of storage. It’s compact and easy to carry around. What other fun ways have you used hangman for?


Promoting OT as an Operational Therapist

8 May

In honor of OT month (I know…I’m a few days after the month of May), I thought I’d share my 5 minutes of fame as an “operational therapist” 😜.

A coworker and I were on the local news in April to talk about what it means to be a pediatric occupational therapist. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every minute of it! I was a bit nervous about being on live tv! As I was watching the video online, critiquing my every move of course, I happened to notice the tag line under my name said “Operational Therapist.” Oops!! Poor editing department. I’m sure they just knew they had it right. Oh well! Here’s to being that “Other therapist”… You know.. The “operational therapist”.. The one that does pretty much everything PT and ST don’t do..” Hehe.. The last part is all in fun. Nothing personal. 😄


Bubber and Moon Dough

7 May

A coworker of mine recently attended to AOTA national conference in San Diego. She came back with tons of goodies, but this stuff is awesome!! It’s a unique sensory experience…not sticky, but not too dry; soft, but hard enough to make into a ball. It’s super easy to clean up and never dries out. An added bonus, it’s perfect for working on pressure grading. If you squeeze too hard, it falls apart. You can also find it at Walmart where it is known as moon dough! Fun!




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